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Automation LASSO has over 10 years promoting solutions for different sectors of industry, commerce and residential. We work with our clients from consulting, planning, implementation and support, helping on the definition and development of automation solutions that give our customers a competitive advantage in the first world market.


We have trained staff for advice and support in industrial & building automation solutions. Our Technical Support department in coordination with the support of our suppliers work together to provide a world-class service


Our Automation Solutions

Industrial Automation & Control

We have extensive experience in Automation Processes, like Automotive, Tobacco, Paper, Energy, Cement, Mining, Food and Beverage Industries, as well as Water & Wastewater, Distribution Centers, Parcel and Mail, among others. Providing solutions for several industrial applications, from instrumentation and monitoring to the control system and real-time monitoring. By integrating our leading edge technology projects generate standards that maximize productivity and optimize plant operations and industrial processes.


Servo Drives
Cathodic Protection Rectifiers
Power Supplies
Weighing Systems

Industrial Communications

Being the fastest growing segment in our market, Wireless and Ethernet communication have revolutionized most of industrial processes. Improvements in robustness, distance, and easy operation and implementation, have allowed the development of complete systems of telemetry at a lower cost, more reliable and efficient. Quick access to technology, the Internet, open protocols and communication standards make our equipments the best alternative for the development of new applications with devices installed in the plant, and provide the tools to implement solutions in less time and best price without sacrificing quality



Fiber Optic Communications Solutions
     Industrial Bluetooth
Remote Modules
Wireless Communications
Network Diagnosis Sotware
  Network Security / Firewall

Building Automation & Video Surveillance Systems

The objective of Building Automation Systems is to provide an automatic control of the conditions of comfort and security inside and outside. Solutions as HVAC systems, control and monitoring of accesses, temperature, services (electricity, water, gas, etc.), intelligent video surveillance systems, biometrics, among others, provide our customers benefits: significant energy savings, increased security, social responsibility (environmental impact), the more efficient use of facilities and administrative cost reduction.


Access Control
Full Integration Systems Platform
Enviromental Sensors
Portable Traffic Signals
Video Surveillance Systemas
Power Meters

SCADA/HMI & Industrial Computers

The HMI / SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Adcquisition) are used to monitor, control and communicate critical information in processes to users and/or databases. For the analysis and transmission of the information is important to work with equipments with the characteristics necessaries for industrial areas and harsh environments for a long time (more than 7 years), our solid-state devices, idela for robust processes that need real time information/monitoring. A standard such as OPC, make possible the communication with any PLC and instruments.


Industrial Computers
Data Acquisition
Panel PC
Manufacturing Intelligence
Productivity Analytics

Material Handling & Identification Systems

The main identification systems are Barcodes in all its standards and RFID systems. These systems allow the tracking of units produced or packages, with the objetive of having a real-time control and communication with databases. Distribution centers and delivery companies, that have implemented these kind of systems help to efficiency and control volume and weight packages. In manufacturing areas identification systems are used for tracking and control of production, for example the automotive industry uses bar code readers in each of the assembly stations for a more efficient control of the accessories in each unit. Normally the investment returns are less than 10 months.



BarCode Scanners
RFID Identification
Dimensional Systems

Industrial Safety & Signals

Industrial Automation, in addition to more efficient and accurate process, aims to reduce mechanical and electrical risks, imporve resources and benefit companies in the security of personnel. NFPA recommends: maintaining connections, cables and accessories in good condition and properly installed, appropriate use of visible andaudible signals, connectors on the outside of cabinets for the purpose of having all power connections and internal communication outside and detection of voltage sources. The compliance and security standards are able to develop plans to prevent risks, easy electrical design of equipment and systems, maintaining optimal processes, and increase employee productivity


Inside-Outside Panel Connectors
Voltage Indicators
Safety Light Curtains
Industrial Signals
Vision Sensors

LASSO offers efficient solutions with the best response time and the highest quality service and products. We work together to grow and expand our coverage to all America. Redouble our efforts to raise awareness among our customers, on technological and resource optimization of their businesses.


Our Added Value

Always looking to achieve optimal results in the approach and implementation of our solutions.We are committed to our customers so we constantly evaluate the quality of our services through full satisfaction, so we welcome your comments to